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By the power of her heartfelt melancholy – the music turns into the pure truth

Denmark′s national daily newspaper Berlingske


Three Times Grammy Award Nominated Korean-born, Norwegian-raised Jazz Vocalist and Producer



• Birgitte Soojin (Birgitte Soo Jin Wisløff Hauge)

• Norwegian, born January 2, 1983 in South Korea

• Adopted to a Norwegian family (age 1) on the island of Nøtterøy

• Lives in Copenhagen, Denmark (since 2006)

• 3 times Grammy Nominated at The Danish Music Awards

(Pergitte 2016, Put the blame on me 2015, Hi-Lo 2011)

• Bent Jædig Price Award Winner 2017 

• Owner of The Record Label HIGHLOW RECORDS

The internationally acclaimed, three times Grammy-nominated Birgitte Soojin makes heartfelt jazz from a selection of blues, soul, Scandinavian folk music and the good old fashioned swing jazz. With her powerful sultry voice, honest presence and charming enthusiasm, she makes us love jazz even more than we thought we could. Normally one shouldn’t just reach for the box of superlatives, not only do they inflate before you know it, they can also add considerable pressure to the artist in the form of expectations. But in this case, there is no need to refrain from stating that Soojin sings jazz with her whole body and mind - as if she does not want to do anything else. There are singers who sing jazz, and then there are jazz singers. Soojin is for sure a jazz singer. 



• Pergitte 2016

Highlow Records HIGHLOW03

• Put the blame on me 2015

Highlow Records HIGHLOW02

• Swing Low 2015

Highlow Records HIGHLOW01

Hi-Lo 2011

Calibrated Music CALI115



Photo: Torben Christiansen Birgitte Soojin/Christina von Bülow/Ned Ferm/Ben Besiakov @Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen